Purchasing cosmetic packaging materials matters needing attention

Cosmetic packaging materials are not only containers, but also involve external packaging boxes, inner cartons, labels and some auxiliary tools. Especially lip gloss tubes, due to different material body, shape, lead to thousands of differences, therefore, in OEM production, packaging material purchase is very important. Good packing material can improve image and quality. Therefore, when determining OEM manufacturers, customers must attach great importance to the purchase of cosmetic packaging materials. To be specific, we need to control three aspects:


1, whether the design is reasonable

As an OEM customer, while considering the cost, we should also consider the market expectation and control the design of cosmetic packaging materials from the outer packing case to the inner carton. From container form to tag copy; From style positioning to transportation risk; From insourcing to outsourcing, etc., consider the whole thing and make sure the structure is right.


2, the capacity is standard

There are many kinds of packaging materials for skin care products, and the production process is relatively complex. Sometimes, it is inevitable that there is a gap between the container capacity and the design standard. Therefore, before the container production, the characteristics of the material body should be fully considered and controlled in a targeted way. Whether the special specification is complete, whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the vision is comfortable, and so on.


3. Whether the proportion exceeds the standard

Cosmetic packaging materials, especially outsourcing materials, are often produced by human hands, such as paper boxes, handbags, etc. Due to the low degree of automation, defective or defective products inevitably occur. The glass bottle that some machine produces, hose to wait in chromatic aberration, misprint, form wait for an aspect, also can appear so and so problem, accordingly, when choose and buy, these problems want to consider. If the cosmetic package material inspection, the ratio of qualified and defective products does not exceed the basic standard, then the purchase of cosmetic packaging materials is successful, but when ordering cosmetic packaging materials, the quantity should be appropriately increased to ensure sufficient, there is room for selection.

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